Five Career
Resolutions for Better
IT Jobs in 2020

Five Career Resolutions for Better IT Jobs in 2016

YOU stand a better chance to impress Top Employers across Industry Verticals and Get a Globally Recognized, Validation of your Competency.

Diametriks Consulting – PMI® Global R.E.P. and a trusted name in project management development would like to share critical information that can serve as a Starting Point for creating your IT career resolutions.


Know Your Market Drivers

Take time to know and understand your market drivers in 2015. If you don’t understand what is driving your section of the IT industry, how can you plan your career to meet the emerging needs of the market and employers? According to leading Global Research, the major technology hiring drivers in 2015 will focus on Mobile, Cybersecurity, Big data, Cloud, Project Management & SCRUM.

KEY TIP : Get access to leading research by idc/gartner/harvard/pmi – see the emerging trends in your industry!


Certifications, Certifications, Certifications!

No IT career resolution is complete without taking a closer look at certifications. Resolve to take a closer look at your certification portfolio and make changes and updates to your credentials as warranted. In examining your certification portfolio, consider the following:

What certifications do I currently possess versus what I need?

Are any of my certifications coming up for renewal?

Do I need to upgrade any of my credentials?

Do my certifications match the current industry demands?

Pursuing certifications like PMP®/PRINCE2® or ITIL® etc. should be a part of your ongoing professional development process.

KEY TIP : Make a list of professional certifications, priority wise - must have, good to have, value adds for specific jobs. Click Here & Allow us to help you prioritize that today!


New Skills

I am still learning - Michelangelo

The world — even our career world — is a big beautiful place. Adopt an attitude of lifelong learning in 2015. Resolve to learn something new or gain a new skill in the upcoming year. This journey doesn't have to be expensive. Many vendors offer free online training materials for their certification enabling you to gain new knowledge at your own pace (and at a great price — free!). You'll also find many academic institutions that also offer free online resources (Coursera and MIT Open Courseware, for example). Explore a few of them and see what you can learn!

Skills like Project Management, SCRUM, Microsoft Project, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Key Account Management, Business Analysis, Getting Results without Direct Authority etc. keep you Ahead of your competition.

KEY TIP :Make a list of top 10 skills that can have a direct impact on your job – in line with work issues you face day in, day out. Click Here & Allow us to help you arrive that today!


Career Changes

There is one certainty in life we can all depend on: Change. Life changes, technology changes and careers change.

With newer domains and/or opportunities knocking door, it is but natural that You review your career status and determine if you want — or perhaps need — to make changes to your career path.

KEY TIP : Identify if you really need a career change – do a cost benefit analysis keeping in view the risks involved and chances of success in new career.


Personal Development

Personal development is a very necessary but mostly, overlooked area when it comes to career planning. We don't work in a vacuum and soft skills — people skills — matter!

Skills like Time Management, Running Effective Business Meetings, Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact, Professional Networking Essentials, Dealing with Difficult People etc. can help you excel at work and use your time more effectively.

KEY TIP : Answer these key questions & identify what personal skills do you need to possess or improve upon to advance your career in 2015: Are you able to communicate and present your ideas clearly and effectively? Are you able to effectively handle conflicts and mediate resolutions that make everyone comfortable with the outcome? If not, then it's time for a change!